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    As many as 700,000 aspirants sit for the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) annually and virtually all graduate courses and business institutions accept a GRE score for entrance. The test examines your analytical writing, verbal reasoning and quantitative reasoning. In August 2011, the format of the GRE was modified, in order to accommodate questions which expect you to respond to ‘real-life situations’.

    Where people commit resources or costs there has to be proper accountability and justification. This is generally because organizations of most sorts are geared to providing a return on investment. Resolving your issue will involve a cost or ‘investment’ of some kind, small however, which needs justifying. If there’s insufficient justification, the investment needed to solve the nagging problem can’t be dedicated. So ensure you supply the relevant facts, dates, names, and details, clearly. Be sure you include all the necessary facts that will justify why your issue should solved (according to your recommendation presuming you make one).

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    But be short and concise. Not verse and chapter. The key facts Just, dates and research amounts especially. Accentuate the positive wherever possible. This means showing things in a positive light. Dealing with a whole load of negative claims is challenging for anyone, especially customer service staff, who’ll be coping with mostly negative and critical communication all day. Be different when you are constructive and positive.

    State the reality and then suggest what needs to be done to solve matters. If the situation is complex, claim that you will be as flexible as you can in helping to arrive at an optimistic final result. Say that you would like to find a way forward, than terminate the relationship rather. If you inform them that you’re taking your business elsewhere, and that you’re never using them again, etc., then there’s little incentive for them to look for a good final result.

    If you give a very negative, last, ‘unsavable’ impression, they’ll treat you appropriately. Suppliers of all sorts work harder for individuals who stay loyal and are prepared to work through difficulties, rather than jump ship whenever which problem. It might be surprising for some, but threatening people generally does not produce great results.

    This can be applied whether you are writing, meeting or phoning face-to-face. A friendly complimentary approach encourages your partner to reciprocate – they’ll want to return your faith, build the partnership, and keep you as a loyal customer or user of their products. People like helping nice friendly people.